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Medical Topics

Diabetes Mellitus In Cats
Inappropriate Elemination
by Paula J Runté, DVM
Cat Health Issues:
Feline Asthma With Fritz the Brave
Feline Diabetes
Pet Dental

Home Care & Enrichment

Environmental Enrichment
by Paula J Runte, DVM Feeding Tips
Litter Box Care
Feline Weight Management  Product/Calories
by Paula J. Runte, DVM & Matthew B. Filip, DVM
Feline Marking Behaviors
by Paula J Runte, DVM

Helpful Links

The more you know, the better pet owner you will be. So here''s a little on-line medical help to get the ball rolling.
For our Indoor Cats:
The Indoor Cat Initiative

Shelters & Rescue Organizations

For our Feral Cat Friends and Rescuers: 
Feral Cat Coalition of San Diego, CA
Feral Cat Connection - Houston, TX
Feline Rescue Network
Alley Cat Allies
Citizens for Animal Protection (CAP)
SNAP (Spay and Neuter Assistance Program)
Houston SPCA
Neighborhood Cats
Trap-Neuter-Return: Working with Feral Cats
Taming Feral Kittens

Client Information

Top Ten Cold Weather Safety Tips from The ASPCA!
Hurricane Checklist ~ Evacuation Essentials
by Paula J Runté, DVM - Cat Care Central
Animal Poison Control Center Number
1-888-4ani-help (426-4435)